Saturday, September 3, 2011

TAG: "Much Easier than You Think" Sohaib Sultan on Green Initiatives

A Conversation with Sohaib Sultan, Chaplain Princeton University and Arshe Ahmed on Green Ramadan Initiative at Princeton University. Faraz Khan from TAG, Think As asks about challenges of bringing Muslim community on campus to enjoin a Green program for college MSA (Muslim Student Association).
"If you make the right contacts and put a little bit of effort and right intention, inshAllah the [green] effort will be full of blessings and can be done, it's much easier than you think". Imam Sohaib Sultan

The RESULT was incredible as Chaplain Sohaib explains how a total of 60 large size trash bags were thrown away full of waste last Ramadan during iftars compared with 10 bags for the entire green Ramadan. Students borrowed plates, cups, glasses, and utensils from resident colleges/dining hall and made an effort to reuse water bottles. Chaplain Sohaib Sultan led the green effort on campus by implementing a NO STYROFOAM Policy for all iftars. The MSA and Muslim Life Program at Princeton reduced plastic water bottle trash to nearly 0% by ordering reusable stainless steel bottles for students.

Daily Iftars (evening meals) would consist of 50-100 people hosted by the chaplaincy program that cultivated NO WASTE and COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION policies: 1. Avoid taking more than you can eat. 2. Exercise patience and think of others when taking your servings. 3. Take ownership of turning off lights and AC when not in use.

The Green Community and Values were fostered by sharing the following Six principles: 1. Come early to set-up tables and chairs. 2. Clean-up your eating area after you are done. 3. Wipe tablecloths, but do not throw away. 4. Rinse plates in basement sink. 5. Wash serving spoons (utensils) in basement sink. 6. Put leftover food in white fridge in basement.

Special thanks to Sohaib Sultan and Arshe Ahmed for sharing their advice for other MSAs on how to implement a Green Team, Green MSA or a Green Program on campus.

TAG, Think As Green promotes green efforts on a grassroots level with mosques, community centers, and on campus. Obviously, in a perfect no waste exists. TAG promotes minimization, reduction, and promotes a healthy balance by supporting alternatives to dominant waste culture.

For more info on Green Initiatives please check out TAG, Think As Green

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