Friday, September 9, 2011

How Green is YOUR MSA - Work in Progress

I have been working with Princeton MSA (Green Ramadan Initiative) see latest conversation with Chaplain Sohaib Sultan on green and learned a few lessons:

1. Form a TEAM - a Few passionate individuals can make a lasting impact
2. MSA Leadership - Make Public Intention to go Green via PLEDGE/RESOLUTION (available on TAG)
3. Start out Small (SOS) - it will swing momentum and people will start paying attention. DO NOT SET UP MSA Green work for a BIG PROJECT (hence a BIG FAILURE). ex. minimize disposable water bottles, eliminate styrofoam, reduce water waste (sunna wudu)...etc.

4. RESOURCES - Renewal Documentary & GreenDeen are two best works out there.

5. OUTDOORS - plan a hike and discuss the global env. picture and local MSA/House connection. Come up with a PLAN to CHANGE.
Lastly, we need to give MSAs concrete plans... Platinum, Diamond, Gold and encourage “Do the Following” action items. If the entire Green plan is open ended 101 suggestions on green, none of suggestions would get implemented. If we give concrete “implement five of the eight items”  such as 100 green pledges from students, 20% reduction in food waste, No styrofoam policy, reduce one meat dish, plant a tree/sapling this year, etc.

Any suggestions? Please share how things are evolving on your campus.

Faraz Khan

p.s. Be an Inspiration

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