Friday, July 1, 2011


By Faraz Khan
7/1/11 work in progress

1.      Green Khutba/reminder
Be a leader. Remind your community about a Muslim’s role as a khalifa, a vicegerent of God who lives in harmony with his/her environment. Raise awareness that environmental stewardship and conservation is part of Islamic teachings. Read GreenDeen and other works on Islamic environmental ethics and raise environmental awareness.

2.      Pass a Green Resolution
Adopt a green resolution for the future construction, purchase, and services provided to the community through your mosque. Avoid any products that are either harmful or create unnecessary trash. Identify and endorse eco-friendly products with the help of green leaders in the community.

3.      Form a Green Team
Post a sign and send an email to the community about forming a green team that will evaluate and implement eco-friendly policies. Inspire others with not only with words but with works as well.

4.      Sunna Wudu Display & Environmental Education Signs
Post signs that teach people about conserving water, recycling, and reducing waste. A simple display highlighting prophetic teachings about waste will go a long way in curbing unethical behavior. Be creative and utilize photographers, painters, graphic designers and others to come up with neat signs on going green.

5.      Energy Saver
Replace incandescent bulbs, a synonym for inefficient, expensive, heat producing, outdated technology with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light). . CFLs use about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. Check for highly efficient Energy Star appliances to reduce your energy bill

Bonus Tip:  Cultivate a Garden – plant trees, grow fresh produce and enjoy healthy meals while minimize chemical treatment. Plant or expand a garden (less grass, more trees and plants) at home or the mosque and remember that planting tree is a charity.

Please don't just sit there, DO More... Why not email/facebook/twitter this guide to your mosque and start initiating a dialogue on GREEN MOSQUE. You have been tagged green, YOU're IT (the green leader). Exemplify words with actions

Send an email or make that phone call for a GREEN MOSQUE TODAY.

Green Ramadan Educational Guide  

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