Monday, August 8, 2011

Nature Walk with Usama Canon - Inner & Outer Peace

07/30/2011 9:30am-1pm
Sourland Mountain Preserve
Hillsborough, NJ

East Moutain Road, Hillsborough, NJ
With the help of New Brunswick Islamic Center and Green Muslims of New Jersey we gathered in the morning to hike through the scenic preserve. The hike gathered about 80 people from New York, Central Jersey, Newark, and Delaware. Young and old, married and single, men, women, and children were all part of this special journey. The hike was great followed by a dars (lecture) and interactive discussion with Ustadh Usama Canon from California. 
Shajia Khan, Shomail Malik, Brother Dash, Sirfaraz Piracha, Naqiyba Auston & Faraz Khan shared green thinking and activities relating Islamic teachings and the example of Prophet Muhammad to show compassion to people, mountains, trees, birds, and the whole environment. Aside from spiritually uplifting talk by Usaman Canon who related spiritual benefits of silence and listening to the nature and self, the group took part in observing "Signs of God" and Reflections on the inner and outer peace. Shajia Khan shared the Green Ramadan Initiative and Green Pledge with the audience.

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